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Service & Support

Our manufacturing and distribution facilities are located near Nashville, TN which is less than a one-day drive from more than 50% of the population. Truckload and LTL shipments are available rated by destination or as a single rate to all locations in your supply chain.
Copacking or Conversions

MDS Cheese can slice, shred or deli pack items under your own label or convert your bulk raw materials into various sizes of packages per your needs.

Cost Management

We believe our interests and that of our customers are perfectly aligned when it come s to managing commodity costs. We work openly and transparently with you to get the best market basis for your products. MDS Cheese works in partnership with our food service customers on controlling costs and minimizing commodity risks. We offer a number of pricing methods and purchasing strategies to insure you keep to your budget and achieve your financial objectives.

Retail Merchandising

Inspire impulse purchases with in-store promotions and features. MDS Foods offers coupon and local advertising support to drive sales. We also have a full supply of point-of-sale merchandising material available to help build customer loyalty and repeat business.

Export & International

MDS Cheese services customers in the Middle East, Mexico, the Carribean and South America. We are conveniently located near ports in Florida, Georgia and Texas, and are capable of bilingual labeling.

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